How does the SARS-CoV-2 virus really spread? Presenting a theory that might explain the super-spreader

The exact mechanism of spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the community has so far been unclear. Droplet spread by coughing and sneezing has been the conventional explanation. However, recent observations have suggested this might not be the only mechanism, as people without any symptoms have even become super-spreaders. Based on published research evidence, this article proposes the role of aerosols, but in a manner that has not been discussed before.

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dr rajeev jayadevan

Dr Rajeev Jayadevan completed his MBBS and MD General Medicine with top honors from Christian Medical College (CMC) Vellore in 1995. He received training in Clinical Epidemiology and Public Health from Erasmus University, Rotterdam, Netherlands.
He has extensive international experience of performing over 19,000 endoscopies. He was awarded MRCP (UK) from England in 1996. He obtained Board Certification in Medicine and Gastroenterology (Fellowship) from New York Medical College, and spent 3 years in the UK and 10 years in the US before returning to his hometown of Kochi. He established the department of Gastroenterology at Sunrise Hospital Cochin.

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