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KOCHI:  ‘Manju, a 26-year-old IT professional working long hours in Kochi, developed a nagging pain in the centre of her chest. She didn’t have the time to consult a doctor, and so did what many people do in such situations – search the internet for a solution. Her Google search left her convinced that all of her symptoms pointed to terminal heart disease and that her days were numbered.

She was no longer able to focus on her project, became irritable and frequently showed up for work tired from lack of sleep. She was already worried about how her dependents would cope with her absence.Alarmed at her change in demeanour, Manju’s colleagues took her to a doctor. After taking a detailed history including questions on her lifestyle, her doctor ordered a couple of blood tests and told her that she had acidity from irregular meal timings and excess consumption of cola. Within two weeks, Manju was back to her cheerful, healthy self.

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dr rajeev jayadevan

Dr Rajeev Jayadevan completed his MBBS and MD General Medicine with top honors from Christian Medical College (CMC) Vellore in 1995. He received training in Clinical Epidemiology and Public Health from Erasmus University, Rotterdam, Netherlands.
He has extensive international experience of performing over 19,000 endoscopies. He was awarded MRCP (UK) from England in 1996. He obtained Board Certification in Medicine and Gastroenterology (Fellowship) from New York Medical College, and spent 3 years in the UK and 10 years in the US before returning to his hometown of Kochi. He established the department of Gastroenterology at Sunrise Hospital Cochin.

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